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Crazy Monkey – is an online game of many generations that has won the hearts of millions of players around the world. It captivates with an attractive design, ingenious animation and a recognizable talisman - a cheerful monkey with whom you would love to make friends. If you succeed, she will bring you good luck and a big jackpot.

Crazy Monkey - is a 5-reel, 9-line slot. The Crazy Monkey game has a bonus game, a risk round and high odds and payouts for the combinations that have fallen out. Players call the slot in different ways: monkeys, monkeys, macaques, orangutans play online, this is due to the main character of the game - Monkey in the jungle. new generation entertainment.

The Crazy Monkey game captures with its colorfulness and interesting plot, it is especially interesting when an iron falls on the monkey's head during the game. Crazy Monkey is pure emotions, risk and victory in slots!

The Crazy Monkey game for money was recognized as one of the most popular in 2021 according to Pin-Up, 1win and Parimatch online casinos.

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Crazy Monkey – is an online game of many generations that has won the hearts of millions of players around the world. It captivates with an attractive design, original animation and a recognizable talisman - a cheerful monkey that you will need to make friends with. If you succeed, it will bring you good luck and a big jackpot.

For many years, the most popular online casinos have been actively using this five-reel slot in their arsenal of games. Even though more and more new entertainments appear every year, none of them can compete with the true king of slot machines. Classic is forever! It is here that each player gets a real opportunity to hit the big jackpot and generous prizes from the crazy monkey.

On the Crazy Monkey reviews page you can read the real stories of big wins of players and their emotions during winning combinations.

Crazy Monkey style

The cult machine appeared thanks to Igrosoft, a manufacturer of Russian origin, popular in the CIS countries. It quickly gained well-deserved popularity, providing high-quality gaming products with a user-friendly interface and clear functionality. Each user has the right to choose his own game mode, during which he will be able not only to get acquainted with the rules, but also to enjoy the ingeniousl design, recognizable at first sight.

The calling card of the crazy monkey is a nimble and funny monkey, sometimes getting into ridiculous situations. She will mislead you, deceive and will be cunning, but for worthy rivals she has cool cash gifts. It's better to be friends with her. Her habitat is a jungle with a little bit of African culture, which can be found in every detail: from the general visual image to fonts and inscriptions.

In addition games crazy monkey have gathered several more residents: lions, snakes and butterflies. Bananas and pineapples serve as treats for them. The interface is designed to be clear for both professional gamers and a beginner who just decides to try his hand at gambling. Intelligible graphics, animated design and pleasant musical accompaniment create an atmosphere of genuine emotions and vivid sensations.

The design is reminiscent of real slot machines, which even today can be found in real casinos. If you have seen this one live, then playing crazy monkey online will be as pleasant as in a noisy hall. No stress - just enjoyable entertainment with a touch of nostalgia and big winnings.

Cool crazy monkey slot machines daily gather a huge number of gamers in front of computer monitors and phone screens. Let's highlight the main advantages among all of the above:

  1. #1 slot machine with a million audience worldwide;
  2. Convenient game mode and intuitive interface, suitable for beginners;
  3. Simplicity of the gameplay without memorizing complex terms or nuances;
  4. Retro style and popular mascot is the main character that will not let you get bored during the game.

Crazy Monkey Rules

The easy and uncomplicated game plot of the crazy monkey slot machine will fit perfectly into your evening: it will allow you to relax, unwind and make good money. Here, the user's preferences are in the first place and you should not think that you will have to learn and memorize a long list of rules of use. Everything is completely different. No need to scroll through the "FAQ" section and constantly write to the manager to resolve issues. Everything is extremely simple and clear.

The main task of monkey slots is to get the right combination that will lead you to big wins. A cheerful primate will help you, so the journey into the jungle will be more authentic. All that needs to be done before the start is to choose the number of lines on which bets will be made. After that - spin the drum!

For a beginner, it will be useful to try playing demo mode, to familiarize yourself with the game screen and get used to the pace of the game (it's very smooth, so don't worry). We can highlight the main aspects of crazy monkey slots:

  • Slots are placed on 5 reels on 9 lines with thematic pictures;
  • It is possible to take advantage of bonus rounds;
  • Gamblers can try to double their winnings in the risk game.

The functional panel is equipped with the necessary buttons for a comfortable game, which do not distract from the process itself. The screen has a quick call for help - "Help" if you have any difficulties. There is all the necessary information regarding the game of the monkey in slot machines. The vending machine interface also includes the following features:

  • Start - one scroll in the machine;
  • Autoplay - a mode with automatic scrolling until there are no funds left on the balance;
  • Rate - change the rate at your request;
  • Maximum bet - the ability to place the largest bet;
  • 1, 3, 5… or more lines – the number of available lines (your choice);
  • Risk – risk round mode;
  • Take away – completion of the risk round and the opportunity to take the winnings.

You can also adjust the volume and display of the playing field by calling the corresponding settings menu in the lower left corner. You can reduce the standard number of lines depending on the number of lines indicated on the five green buttons. The crazy monkey game works great both on a computer or laptop, and from a mobile phone. You can play at home on a working PC or go to the park and immerse yourself in the world of the jungle and cash prizes right in the fresh air.

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Free game Crazy Monkey

Slot machines allow any interested user to play crazy monkey online. Bright colorful design and high return of the gaming machine are one of the key factors that attract both new players and hardcore gamblers around the globe.

There are no free spins here, because. everything that gamers may need is provided by the demo game. Getting to know the basic principles and developing your own unique tactics - all this can be done for free in unlimited quantities until you realize that you are ready for the real game.

The monkey slot machine game is already available for you. You just need to download the application on your phone or go to the site. No long registrations and first payments. This is an important function of the demo version: to provide the user with the opportunity to evaluate the game, its positive and negative sides, to be convinced of the high return and get used to the interface.

Lucky Combinations Crazy Monkey

In total, crazy monkey machines have 9 different symbols, referring us to nature and the diversity of African regions. We will arrange them by the value of the coefficient (from largest to smallest):

  1. Crazy Monkey logo;
  2. Wild symbol - African mask, totem, skull;
  3. A lion;
  4. A pineapple;
  5. Anvil;
  6. Snake;
  7. Bananas;
  8. Butterfly;
  9. A special symbol is a monkey.

Each of them will bring you luck to a greater or lesser extent if you make the right combination. The most expensive is the corporate logo on a yellow background. Five such images (in one line) immediately increase your bet by 5000 times. Getting such a combination is not easy, but the most patient and skillful crazy monkey slot players will definitely be able to.

The Wild symbol acts as an addition to the prize row. His appearance is completely accidental. He can make his own combination or replace all the simple symbols, multiplying your jackpot. The only icon that is not replaced by a mask is the logo with the name. This symbol plays an important role in the frequent addition of winning sequences. This is the fastest way to get the maximum prize in the shortest possible time.

And another special symbol is the emblem of the monkey. It is not as simple as it seems. It is insidious, because it does not have its own coefficient. Her location in the crazy monkey game looks like a teaser to the user. But if you get a combination of three symbols (not necessarily in a row), then get ready for a fun bonus game!

Correspondence table of coefficients in the Crazy Monkey slot machine.

Symbol name Multipliers
Three in a line Four in a line Five in a line
Crazy Monkey logo 200 1000 5000
Mask 100 500 2000
Lion 30 100 500
Pineapple 20 50 200
Anvil 10 30 100
Snake 5 10 50
Bananas 3 5 20
Butterfly 2 3 10

Bonus game Crazy monkey

Not a single gaming machine is complete without pleasant and at the same time hidden surprises at first glance. Monkey slots have in store an interesting and profitable game, which may not be lucky to get to everyone. To get to an additional screen with the opportunity to increase your winnings several times, you need to meet three monkeys on the reels.

Monkey slots contain a bonus round, which consists of two parts: winning the first one immediately transfers to the second stage. The first round will make you think hard, and maybe listen to your inner voice. You will find yourself in a clearing among tropical thickets, where 5 ropes hanging from above will be waiting for you. You will have to guess which rope leads to the gift and which one will stop all the fun. You choose, and the main monkey, who is here with you, will pull.

Once you've made your choice, an item will start to fall from above. If these are bananas or some kind of gift, the heroine on the screen will remain full and satisfied, and the show will continue. But as soon as a brick falls from above, the game is over. Your task is first of all to guess the ropes with treats and bonuses.

Further, crazy decoys invite you to play an equally interesting 2nd stage, which requires concentration and concentration, because 1 million game coins are at stake. You can't do without intuition or a sixth sense. This is a real duel in the monkey game. You will need to activate all your senses in order to guess in which of the chests the coveted prize is hidden. As soon as you make a choice, the bonus round will end.

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Risk game Crazy Monkey

For those who want to feel more risk and at the same time increase their income, there is a unique mode - the risk game. The amount of winnings obtained with a particular combination can be increased by more than two times. The question is, are you willing to take the risk?

But if nothing stopped you, and you resolutely stake your jackpot, then the crazy monkey slot machine opens a new screen for you. Here you are one on one with the dealer and the one who chooses the cards with the highest value wins. Only 5 cards. The dealer chooses first, then you. Having opened all the cards and, if your cards were higher than that of the opponent, the amount of the bet is doubled, and you come out the winner.

Online slot machines with crazy monkey have existed for a very long time and bring back pleasant memories from the time when such machines were in many establishments. Despite everything, this crazy monkey is still a favorite of the public, as evidenced by the high demand for the game on the network. Monkey slot machines are ready to meet new and already familiar users at any time, guaranteeing a great mood, big winnings and pleasant surprises for everyone.

Play Crazy Monkey Pin-Up Play Crazy Monkey 1win Play Crazy Monkey Parimatch Play Crazy Monkey Mostbet

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